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Meet the Region’s in-house jewelry designers, who are creating one-of-a-kind pieces and fantastic, original designs.

Whirl Magazine
November 2010   Style Feature

Whirl Magazine nov 2010

Antique Experience: Joden World Resources (see full article here)
Most of the designs created by Joden World Resources “are influenced by our experience and interaction with estate and antique jewelry,” including pieces from the Victorian, Edwardian, Art Nouveau and Art Deco periods, says owned and designer Joe Murawski. Since returning from the Gemological Institute of America in Los Angeles, Murawski opened his business 40 years ago. Joden World Resources can modify, redesign, and restore antique and estate jewelry, all of which is done in house by two, full time master qualified jewelers, says Murawski. The jeweler also works with customers to create original designs, made by hand from raw materials. “Every wire, each prong – every part is hand fitted. No part of the jewelry is cast,” he says. “We have a very sophisticated shop equipped with laser welding technology that lets us do jobs we couldn’t 25 years ago.” Murawski also creates his own designs, and the Golconda diamond ring, one of his best-known creations, was “born out of finding that incredible center stone,” a flawless, fine four-carat diamond, which Murawski then trimmed with vivid fancy pink diamonds. The ring has since been sold, but it’s certain, there’s more gorgeous design where that came from. --- Nicole Barley


New York Antique Jewelry Show featuring Joden Jewelry on teh cover


Exhibitor Spotlight: Joden World Resources
Booth 412
The Secret - Shakespearean Masterpiece in Renaissance Revival
Shakespeare Masterpiece Renaissance Revival Pendant

The Secret: Shrouded in secrets, this one-of-a-kind masterwork is a study in the art of the jeweler. A personal homage to Shakespeare and his life's works - every aspect is symbolic and referential. Moreover, the greatest mystery of all...a very secret compartment containing was it purported to be a tiny fragment of Shakespeare's very own cape. A hoax? Might it be true? A clever and dramatic ploy by a Victorian Shakespearean actor to shroud his or her jewel is a veil of intrigue? It has the air of just that, yet...
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Joden World Resources has earned a valued reputation in the jewelry industry for creating unique and original designs. Our concern for our reputation for quality in all that we do has led to awards in places like the Graphic Arts Monthly. Joden is often in the news for the historical and unusual pieces we find and acquire. It is not just the jewelry but often is the story behind the item which gives increased value to our custom selections of historical pieces. Our web site contained the first online jewelry museum in the United States. On this page, you will find links to the various news items in papers and magazines and links to awards we have earned.

Bench Jeweler at Joden World Resources


Whirl December 2008 Gift Guide
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Gift Guide for the Holidays

  • 14 Karat yellow gold classic half round bangle bracelet, hinged with safety locking clasp.
  • 14 karat double ribbed tubular solid gold estate bangle bracelet, circa 1970.
  • 18 karat yellow hammered gold disk and cultured pearl earrings, flexible with great movement.

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Joden World Resources
144 S. Broad Street
Grove City, PA 16127

“Joden rings in elegance”

Grove City Magazine  - Volume III 2009-2011
By Amy Clingensmith
Page 34

Quick.  What do Grove City and the jewelry designer for Princess Diana have in common?
Joe Murawski.
Murawski, the owner of Joden Jewelers and Joden World Resources on Broad Street in Grove City was raised in nearby New Castle and watched his father, Adam, a renowned bench jeweler, excel in the jewelry industry.  While growing up, he repaired jewelry alongside his father and fell in love with the business.  After high school graduation, Joe was offered college scholarships but instead chose to go to gemological school in Los Angeles at the age of 18.  It was a decision that paid off.

Joe founded Joden in 1970 with then-partner Dennis Main.  The combination of their first names gave birth to the moniker of the store Joe-Den.  Their first large and unique stock came from Royal Jewelers, who went out of business in the late ‘60s.  Adam had done repair work for Royal, so the contacts were in place.
The first few years for Joden were difficult, with two young, aspiring jewelers at the helm.  But Joe was determined to make it in this father’s business, so he worked with a mentor and jewelry supplier in Ohio to learn valuable business lessons.  Together they created a five-year plan for Joden and by 1974, Joe bought out his partner and took over the store himself.
Joe worked hard over the next decade, and by 1986, he bought the company owned by his one-time mentor, whose business lessons over the phone all those years were put into practice.  Because his mentor was nearing retirement, Joe hired him into the Joden family and the company actively went into the wholesale business.

This arm of the business led Joe all over the world, including England where he met the jewelry designer for Princess Diana.  Today, Joden has the exclusive rights in America to the work done by her designer. Joe forged ahead in the wholesale business and formed Joden World Resources.  A large part of the Grove City business in working with jewelry dealers and companies around the world.  A significant mail order and Internet business are also in the mix.

So with worldwide sales, why stay in Grove City?  Joe says it’s a great place to live and build a solid business.  Even in a small town, Joden has one of the most unique jewelry inventories in the country, with a collection of some of the rarest pieces in the world.  These include Faberge eggs for the Russian Imperial Court; work by Carlo Giuliano, legendary designer to Queen Victoria; colorful opalescent enamel jewelry; artistic acquisitions from estates; “Micro-Mosaic” or Italian miniature three dimensional mosaics; ornamental Victorian designs; and jewelry from Cartier and Tiffany.  A one-of-a-kind collection is also handcrafted on the premises.

Even with the rarest and most exquisite jewelry in the world in his store, Joe takes pride in the fact that his customer base is limitless.
“We are designed to have something for everyone,” he said.  “No one would be intimidated to come in to purchase a $50 sterling silver piece or shop for a four-carat ring.”

Joden Selected for the Cover of Las Vegas 2010
antique & Jewelry Show

LasVegas 2010 Antique Jewelry Show Cover

MGM Grand to host Las Vegas Antique Jewelry & Watch Show

The Annual Las Vegas Antique Jewelry & Watch Show, now in its 15th year, is already slated to far surpass our expectations. In its new location, at the MGM Grand, we will host new exhibitors showcasing pieces never offered before. The show will open one day before The JCK Show and will bring together national and international dealers from France, Italy, China, Canada, the United Kingdom, and South and Central America. This is the largest show of its kind, open only to the trade, featuring the finest collections of antique and estate jewelry and time pieces from famous names including Cartier, Rolex, Tiffany's, Harry Winston, Patek Philippe, David Webb and Van Cleef & Arpels. Stunning diamonds and gems can be found in beautiful antique settings as well as without settings. Antique and vintage cameos, bracelets, pearls, rings and brooches will also permeate the show floor.

Represented by Joden World Resources Sapphire French bracelet .
Represented by Joden World Resources
Sapphire French bracelet .

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