What Do I Need to Know If I'm Thinking About Selling My Grandmother's Jewelry?

We are often asked questions like these: "How Do I Sell Estate Jewelry?"  or "How do I find the value of my Antique Jewelry pieces?" Here are some steps to take to prepare you estate and antique items for sale:

Finding Value and Preparing Estate Jewelry For Sale

After the death of a loved one, it can be both heart wrenching and confusing. Grandma kept all her jewelry in a couple of boxes on her dresser. Some of it may be worth a lot and some of it may not be worth anything at all, but how do you tell? We know her diamond engagement ring has some value, but back then, most diamonds were not certified. The Gemological Institute of America (G.I.A.) was not founded until 1931 and did not even release its grading standard until 1955. Older rings were appraised by jewelers and the jewelry companies. A lot has changed since then. The G.I.A. now sets the international standard for grading diamonds and gemstones. In order to determine the true value of your precious heirloom, it may be necessary to have the ring or stone certified by a recognized laboratory like the G.I.A. At the very least, your jewelry should be appraised by a graduate gemologist who has been trained by the G.I.A. and who can appraise not only the quality of the stone, but also the rarity of estate and antique pieces. That rarity can add value to a piece of jewelry above and beyond the worth of the diamond or gemstone alone. At Joden World Resources, we have two graduate gemologists on staff, whose expertise also includes a vast knowledge of antique jewelry's current market value.

What Should I Expect From a Local Jeweler?

The first thing a local jeweler should do when presented with boxes from Grandma's dresser is divide up the items according to value. He or she should divide gold and natural diamonds from costume and synthetic pieces. While some rare costume jewelry has collector value, most of it has very little value for inheritance or tax purposes. If the jeweler finds a piece that he believes has unique value, he may recommend you send the piece out to a certified lab before you try to sell it. That certification can mean the difference in thousands of dollars and may be well worth the extra time it takes to have the item sent out for independent grading.

Is It Possible to Get A Pre-sale Estimate by Phone?

If you have the proper documentation (certification, appraisals, etc.), we can make an estimated range of the piece's value. It also helps to have photos which you can submit by e-mail. See Tips for Preparing Your Estate Jewelry for Sale. At Joden World Resources, we welcome your initial contact via e-mail, but we encourage you to call and talk to us about your estate pieces. We offer free, insured shipping for items we might want to buy from you. We also encourage you to be careful of internet only companies who send you a bag and have only existed for a few short years. Joden has been in business for over 42 years, is family and locally owned. References available on request. For more information on our credentials, go here.