Joden World Resources and Sizzling Sapphires!


"Sapphire market sizzles, but other ‘big three stones’ keep on struggling”

National Jeweler December 1, 2004 Vol.98 No.23 Page 1 & 6 - By Glenn Law



Sapphire Ring

National Jeweler Mag

Joden World Resources
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Grove City, PA 16127

New York—Among the colored stone market's "big three," sapphire still leads in sales... Joe Murawski, who owns Joden World Resources in Grove City, Pa., agrees. "It is difficult to find good ruby material at a reasonable price," he says. But Murawski says sapphire sales remain solid in both Joden’s wholesale and retail businesses. The strongest market across the board, he explains, is in affordable 4 to 10-carat "crisp, heated Ceylon stones.”

"The average customer, unless they are educated, cares (only about) what a stone looks like,” Murawski says. "Heated Ceylon is nice material. Blue sapphires are hot since they are easier to match with clothing than red or greed stones," says Murawski. He adds that the emerald market is still battling bad publicity from 1997, when exposés revealed jewelers who failed to disclose emerald treatments.