Family Jewels

Whirl Magazine December, 2005 Pages 80 & 91
by Leslie Hoffman
Photos by – Michael Shadaida


What could be more luxurious than a gift of jewelry fit for a queen?

Estate jewels capture true luxury – not only do they carry carat weight, but they also carry the weight of stories that accompany them. “Who doesn't have a story about a piece of jewelry in their family?” asks Joe Murawski, founder of Joden World Resources. Those looking especially for gems with connections to royal families need look no further than Murawski’s Grove City treasure trove. The company carries one of the country’s largest collections of works by Carlo Giuliano, Queen Victoria’s preferred jeweler; and if you have a yen for a bauble crafted by the same jeweler who made Princess Diana’s sapphire and diamond engagement ring – Joden can arrange that, too.

Murawski says that as far as luxury goes, there’s no investment more special and unique than estate jewelry, one of the factors that makes it a luxury to begin with. “[Modern jewelry] is usually made in multiples of hundreds or thousands of pieces, but what we’re offering is one of one,” Murawski says. A queen wouldn't’t have it any other way.


Sapphires and Diamonds
Sapphires and Diamonds

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Emeralds and Diamonds

Emeralds and Diamonds.