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Pansy Brooch
“Pansy Brooch” Circa – 1900

Authentic pansy brooch. This brooch contains multi-hued violet enamel and two round diamonds that weigh .06 carat total weight.

Measurements – 0.625” wide x 1.5 inch long

Price $625


Etruscan Brooch
“Etruscan Brooch” Circa – 1880

One, English made, 15-karat yellow gold authentic brooch. Set in the center of this piece is an Old Mine cut diamond that weighs on or about .03 carat.

Measurements – 0.375 inches wide and 1.5 inches long

Price - $550


Griffin Brooch
“Griffin Brooch” Circa – 1900

14-karat yellow gold Griffin authentic brooch. This brooch contains one emerald depicting the eye, and one cultured pearl. The pearl is removable via the shepherds hook located on the back of the piece.

Measurements - 0.75” inch wide x 1.125 inch long

Price $425


Girl Brooch
“Art Nouveau Girl Pendant”

One 14-karat yellow gold necklace. This pendant depicts a woman’s profile, with one round diamond, .02 carat, as the center of her flower. (Please note this piece is a reproduction of the Art Nouveau period, 1890-1910)

Measurements – chain is 15.5 inches long and the pendant is .87” inch in diameter

Price - $325

Coral Etruscan Brooch
“Coral Etruscan Brooch” Circa – 1880

One handmade authentic brooch that contains one round cabochon angel skin, natural, coral.

Measurements – Over one inch in diameter

Price - $800