Joden World Resources - Grove City Magazine Feature


"A Crown Jewel for Grove City."

Grove City Magazine 2005 page 29

Joden World Resources, begun 35 years ago by then 19-year-old Joe Murawski, is a retail/wholesale jewelry firm that is recognized by the gem industry and professionals across the globe as having one of the leading collections of the finest antique, estate and modern jewelry in the United States. To this end, Murawski’s shop has a museum case which displays extremely rare, authentic, exquisite pieces which were constructed by some of the finest jewelers in the world. Included are excellent cameos, a rare Cartier pin, Faberge eggs and pieces made by Carlo Giuliano, Queen Victoria’s favorite jeweler.

These pieces do not just serve as eye candy. Customers are allowed to hold some of these finds. “You can go to a museum and look or you can come to us and touch,” Murawski says.

Not one to be stuck in the past, however, Murawski’s shop offers on-site repair and design work. A laser welding machine, which is the newest, cutting-edge technology in the jewelry industry, allows for complete restoration of even the oldest antique jewelry. “Our craftsmen are experts in the restoration of treasured heirlooms and in the creation of future heirlooms,” Murawski asserts.

As a complement to the distinct businesses in downtown Grove City, Joden World Resources is perhaps the “crown jewel” of the area.


Wow, what a ring!


Joden World Resources
144 S. Broad Street
Grove City, PA 16127


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