Joden Joden: A Gem of a Jewelry Store

The Sharon Herald, Jiune 25, 2007
By Carol Ann Gregg Photography by Jason Kapusta

What do Grove City and the Tower of London have in common? They are both home to Golconda diamonds, some of the most perfect diamonds in the world. The diamonds in the Tower of London are part of the crown jewels. In Grove City they are at home at Joden Jewelers on Broad Street.

Joe Murawski, president of the three-faceted jewelry business, prides himself in having the most exclusive selection of fine, antique jewelry in the country. The windows of the modest storefront in downtown Grove City reveals a glimpse of the extent of the world renowned business to the passing public.

During a special vacation to California with his daughter, Murawski splurged and got them reservations at a Beverly Hills hotel. After a day of sightseeing together, his daughter spent the next day with friends while Murawski visited with a half a dozen clients, all within walking distance of the hotel. “People in California know who we are, but the people in Grove City really don’t,” Murawski said with a smile.

Diamond Necklace

The store’s signature: “You can go to a museum and look… or you can come to us and touch. (Ownership possibilities available.)” says it all. To experience the elegance of high quality jewelry, step inside and see some of the most exquisite jewelry in both antique and modern designs available to admire, try on and purchase. Couples contemplating the purchase of an engagement ring, might want to visit Joden Jewelers. Murawski said that the store has over 1,100 settings in house. His creative bench jewelers could also create a one-of-a-kind ring as well.



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Joden World Resources
144 S. Broad Street
Grove City, PA 16127

For the local customer, the company offers extensive appraisal service and purchases antique jewelry and stones over one carat in size from the public. Many people come in with yard sale or flea market finds. Murawski can tell them if the item has real value and often buys these things from the customer. A significant part of their business comes from buy items from the general public. The repair of antique jewelry takes much skill Murawski said. He has two of the best bench jewelers in the country. They do all the jewelry repair and restoration “right here in Grove City.” Murawski provides his jewelers the very best, modern equipment so they can do the very best job. Joden’s has one of the only laser welding devices outside of a manufacturing facility in the United States, they said. “Even with the very best equipment, they must be very skilled at what they do to repair and restore antique jewelry,” he said. Other fine jewelers often use the repair and restoration service of Joden.

Joden Christmas Holiday Shopping 2006

One of the most outstanding pieces that can be seen at Joden is a bracelet by Carlo Giuliano. The bracelet, in mint condition, has a large amethyst in the center with white and black enameling and pearls around it. Giuliano was Queen Victoria’s favorite jeweler. Joden has one of the largest collections of his works. Another piece there is a garnet cameo. Murawski noted that Giuliano put touches of black enamel on pieces for the queen since she forever remained in mourning for Prince Albert.

Giuliano (1832-1895) managed a jewelry shop with the sons of fames goldsmith Fortunato Pio Castellani (1794-1986) before opening his own shop on Piccadilly Circle. It was from there that he became a favorite of the British royals. Queen Victoria often has pieces commissioned for her friends and associates. Joden has the largest collection of Giuliano pieces in the U.S.  S.J. Phillips, a London antique dealer and The Victoria and Albert Museum, London, have large collection. Murawski related that over the years the British royal family had various exlusive jewelers. They have a very close relationship to them and often request special pieces be designed and made for individuals and occasions. Murawski is personally acquainted with the jeweler who designed Princess Diana’s and Fergie’s engagement rings.

The staff at Joden is well-trained and provides excellent service to the customer. People with a knowledge of fine jewelry will truly appreciate white is available. Murawski said that though many of the things have high value, not all antique jewelry is extremely expensive. People need to come in to see what is available.

Father and Son

Murawski followed in footsteps his father who was a master bench jeweler. He also studied to be come a certified gemologist. At the age of 19 he and a friend opened the Grove City store. Joden Jewelers, named for the two young men Joe and Dennis, has been in business ever since. Murawski bought out his partner after 5 years. He had a supplier who became his mentor and taught him the business skills needed to grow the business into what it is today. After 12 years, he bought out his mentor. That business became one of the three entities that carry the Joden name. The home base and retail store is Joden Jewelers; the mail order and Internet business is Joden World Resources; and Joden World Resources II is the wholesale business.

The Joden name exhibits its beautiful collections at three international shows. Two of these events are in Miami in January and October and one in June in Las Vegas. The wholesale division provides product to fine jewelry stores around the world. Murawski also believes that he needs to present these beautiful gems and antique treasures in an very elegant way to show off their beauty. The brochure that the company uses has twice won national awards for four-color print brochures. The black background on local billboards makes the beauty of the signature antique pieces stand out. These exquisite items can be seen in the store. Joden Jewelers on Broad Street in Olde Town Grove City waiting for visitors to discover its treasures.